"I would recommend Best & Company, CPA's to any individual or business. I was hesitant about switching away from another CPA firm but after the switch I was so glad I did. Best & company has various service levels. I opted for the full service model which has turned my finances around. Not only do I get all my varying tax returns filed, but I know on a weekly basis where my business stands. Best & Company, CPA's accesses my computer network and makes sure that my business bills are paid and my checking accounts are up to date. Over the last few years they have consulted on the right timing for loan refinancing and the establishment of business credit lines which has helped to keep our borrowing costs down and our cash flow in a good position. They readily bring in outside professionals when the need arises." Graham L.W. Simpson, D.D.S., Aesthetic Dental Center

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Because there is no end to the kind things you do--there's no end to the thanks that this brings to you) Thank you for all your calls and interest, you are so nice! With appreciation- Linda K.

"Hi! The returns look good. All of you there are amazing and are worth every bit that I pay you. You all are not only professional but caring in helping us get through this as painless as possible, thank you very much."- Daniel L.

"I don't think I mentioned to you how much I appreciated your promptness in responding to my request! I spoke with you about this, and the next moment, it was in my email inbox. Thank you so much for your help!" -Catherine M.

We are pleased to give our highest recommendation to Dan Viera of your staff. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and personable. He is a most valuable asset to your firm.

Sincerely, Gary and Janice F

"Several years ago when I began to contemplate my retirement plans, I met with my financial advisor who (at that time) was in the same building as Mike Best. He suggested that I have Mike do my taxes since there was quite a bit of stock involved (purchased and stock grants), and it was rather complicated. I have been totally pleased with Mike's work for several years. He is quite knowledgeable and accurate and I never have to worry about my tax status." -Wendy P

"Best and Company CPA's is an outstanding organization that puts their client's interest first. They have in depth knowledge of tax laws to assist their clients in getting the maximum out of their personal and/or business returns. I am going on four years with them and do not intend on leaving. I would highly recommend Best and Company CPAs to everyone. Thank you Michael and everyone that works at Best and Company CPAs." - Dan L.

"Michael has been protecting me and past businesses for 30+ years! He has the best staff and personally oversees all accounts. Veronica is so helpful and kind." Constance R

"Bestcocpas are excellent for our business and personal tax They have helped us for 20 years plus.they provide lists of what to do. They are up to date on tax law changes. then there's the courtesy: thanks very much Mike, Veronica and Scott." Julie E


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